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MYB Engineers, Inc., "MYB," is a full-service structural engineering firm specializing in commercial and residential projects for both ground-up constructions and retrofits. The company was founded as "The Master of Your Building" with a strong emphasis on harmony among architecture, engineering, and construction knowledge.


With a combined experience of 30 years that ranges from residential homes to large-scale commercial buildings, our team has the expert knowledge and experience to solve any complex problems and to help manifest the client's vision into reality.


Our mission is to serve the clients by providing the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective structural solution that most importantly meets the client's budget.


We believe that virtually any complex ideas or concepts can be solved. By being in tune with the latest construction technology and engineering practices, MYB is dedicated to solving complex problems and delivering extraordinary projects for the clients.


MYB Engineers, Inc. believe that a successful project starts from a strong construction document set. As a result, our team emphasizes the production of construction documents that are fully detailed, coordinated, and economical to fulfill the client's vision.


Providing a construction document set that is detailed and coordinated requires more than the act of coordination. We believe that it is in the mindset and commitment to providing an excellent service for the client and to push the boundaries in structural engineering. To become an expert in structural engineering, there is a need to become experts in architecture and construction with an appreciation that understanding other disciplines is mutually beneficial and important in achieving the ultimate goal: a successful project.

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Definition of Mastery: Integration of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Knowledge. 


Failure in Mastery: Breakdown in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Knowledge Leads to Additional Cost. 


Success in Mastery: Integration in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Knowledge Leads to Economical Budget. 

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